Top Five Tips For a Balanced Relationship with Your Phone

As a Pilates/Yoga teacher and full-time university student who is not only always on the go but always on my phone! Being aware of phone time is essential and something I swear by.

I’ve created my top 5 goto’s for a more healthy & balanced relationship with my phone. This list has been put to the test and I wouldn’t dare go through my day without being mindful of them!

1. Airplane mode at bed time

Our phones emit radio-frequency radiation when they are searching for or receiving signal – airplane mode (or OFF) reduces exposure.

2. Limit social media time

Set a daily time limit reminder on your Instagram app.

3. Avoid touching your phone directly to your skin

I am consciously aware of what parts of my body my phone is close to and always do my best to avoid having it directly touching my skin when carrying it and not using it. For example -I’ve stopped tucking it into my crop or pants. No thank you!

4. Avoid putting phone to your ear

Sometimes this can’t be avoided, but when possible I have it on loud speaker or use my wired headphones -there’s now specific earbuds that help lower signals going directly to your brain if you want to go the extra step.

5. Use “night shift display”

To avoid hormone distributing light that comes from the screen, adjust your settings (especially close to bed time). On an iPhone this can be found by: Settings -> display and brightness -> night shift -> scheduled from “SUNSET to SUNRISE”.

I’d love to hear how you go and any questions or requests please send them through.

Lots of love,

Xo Cat