Top Five Props for Pilates & Yoga Home Practice ♡

There are tons of props out there for the fitness world! However, every student/teacher will find a certain few favourites to help achieve their goals.

I use props in my daily practice and also recommend them to most of my students. I’ve created a list of my top 5 favourite props that support me in having a strong, safe and balanced body. I know quality is important but I’m always on the hunt for a great price too! It’s taken me a few years to find my little collection and I’m so excited to share them with you.

1. Yoga strap and two blocks

For all your stretching needs! I often use these props to help me go deeper in a yoga posture but they are also great for supporting my body in more restorative poses. You’ll often hear me give them as an option in my stretch and yoga classes. I picked mine up for a great deal at Amazon (plus free postage, yippie!).

2. Resistance bands

Hello peachy butt! this one takes your booty workouts to the next level – just trust me. I bought my set of 3 (light, medium and hard) from Rebelsport… However I also know that NakedHarvest sells them at a slightly less price and they have super cute colours too. 

3. Rollers (or foam rollers)

So so important for recovery! I have two different types that I use and highly recommend both.

I use a “massager” for my spine (especially my upper back where I store most of my tension)

And a therapy-roller for my extremities and glutes (hamstrings/ quads/ IT band/ calf muscles etc).

The great thing about this investment is the whole family can use it. I often catch my partner having a “foam roll session” after his surf.

4. Trigger ball

For all your stress release needs! Find a tight spot and place the ball under it as you lay down. I also use this for my feet – I stand on it and roll around a little.

5. Meditation Pillow

I find the crescent-meditation cushion allows me to dive so much deeper into my seated meditation and breathing practice. It supports the natural curvature of my spine (and my tight hips!). 

Please share any gems you’ve found with me too! I’d love to hear what is working for you. 
Lots of love,

Xo Cathryn