Types of Classes

Welcome to our Class Types page, where you can read all about our diverse array of offerings. Whether you’re seeking to build strength, improve flexibility or just find some inner peace, our expertly led classes cater to all. Explore our class descriptions below to find the perfect fit for your wellness journey.

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Get Stronger
Feel Leaner
Be toned

What is Pilates?

Our Pilates classes, led by expert instructors, are full-body workouts combining fluid movements, precise alignment and targeted exercises to sculpt, shape, tone and strengthen. With energising music, fun props, and low-impact, high-repetition exercises, each session promises an invigorating challenge that leaves you feeling empowered and accomplished. As you flow through the class, you'll not only build strength and flexibility but also find moments of relaxation and rejuvenation, ensuring a well-rounded experience for both body and mind.

Yoga Flow


What is yoga flow?

This “vinyasa flow” styled class is a beautifully balanced class that will help you to increase your mobility (your ability to move in all ways), strength and flexibility, helping you to find your own balance within. Learn to move with your breath, to find balance in your body, and courage to try something new. All of our yoga instructors are highly trained and knowledgeable with intelligent sequencing that will bring you a range of benefits in each class, as well as options for the very beginner to advanced.

Yoga Slow Flow

Feel centered
Get flexible

What is yoga slow flow?

Nourish your body and soothe your mind, in this slow paced, meditative yoga flow. Our teachers will guide you through a gentle class supporting you throughout, focusing on your mind-body connection and emphasizing calmness. We will slow down the poses, allowing additional breaths in each pose rather moving to each breath as we do in yoga flow. There is no doubt you will be floating out of the studio!.

Power Pilates

Get fitter
Feel energised
Be Challenged

What is Power Pilates?

Ready to turn up the heat? With all the benefits of your Pilates class, but on the next level, this high-energy, low-impact class combines the core principles of Pilates with dynamic movements and challenging exercises to ignite your strength, stamina, and self-belief. Get ready for an exhilarating experience filled with fun props, energising playlists, and opportunities to empower you to push your limits and achieve your goals. Join us and unleash your power!
(This workout is suitable for everyone and can be modified for any ability.)

Yin Yoga

Deep Stretch

What is Yin Yoga?

A wonderfully relaxing class that is sure to dissolve all the tension from your body and mind. Yin yoga is a traditional practice that is more of a gentle and passive 'stretch' style class. You can expect to move through a variation of 'stretch and release' style poses (asana) with longer holds that help the body to release & lengthen muscular tissue within your body.  Yin classes aim to improve your overall mobility, flexibility and provide relief to over worked, tired or tight muscles. A perfect combination with any strength based practice and those with tightness in their mind or body who would love some relaxation in their life.

Family Friendly

Get fit
Be together
Be an example

What are (FF) classes?

Our popular Family Friendly are open to anyone and everyone including our littlest friends. These classes are flexible, to support you and what you need from your practice. Read our Barre, Pilates and Yoga Stretch class description for more information.

*Please seek advice from your GP or midwife before starting something new in pregnancy, as well receiving clearance before returning after birth.


Sculpt Your Body
Improve Endurance
Fire Up Your Metabolism

What is Barre?

A whole body benefiting class that aims to tone and sculpt, whilst burning calories and having fun! Set predominantly at the 'Bar', with exercises inspired from Ballet and Pilates, that have been woven together to give you a great low-impact class, with all the benefits of a strong workout! You can expect to increase strength, burn calories, improve your joint stability, and have a great time while achieving personal wellbeing goals! Each class has modifications and options available for beginners to advanced.

Yoga Stretch

Reduce Stress
Feel Calmer

What is yoga stretch?

Our calming yoga stretch classes include full body stretches, that are great for supporting your stronger practices including Pilates and Barre, as well as easing stress and anxiety. Slowly opening the body breath after breath and allowing the energetic channels to flow freely within, creating a place of harmony for the mind, body and soul. An illumination from the inside out.

Stretch + Release

Ease Tension
Release Tightness
Calm the Mind

What is Stretch & Release?

A blend of gentle stretching movement and stretch holds, using props such as Straps, Blocks, Bands, Bolsters.. and sometimes even massage balls. This class is desgined to access a deep release of tension and tightness in your muscles and connective tissue by guiding you through long hold stretches and acupressure rolling and release techniques. Ease tension and tightness from the body and the mind, in this calm, wind-down style class.