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Alex Masters

Pilates | Barre

I love teaching high-energy, fun, and challenging classes which still focus on technique and alignment. I love to throw in some sneaky sets of 50, but there is always a great playlist for distraction! I found Pilates after having my son a few years ago. I loved the practice so much that I became a teacher, studio owner and want to share the love with others!

Cathryn Hackett

Pilates | Yoga | Barre

My name is Cathryn, but my friends call me Cat. I'm half German and currently completing a Bachelor of Nursing. It was my mother who sent me on this journey of becoming a Yoga and Pilates instructor taking me on my first class before I learned to write. I hope to create a nurturing space in my classes in which you can connect with your body, mind, breath at your own pace. Ohhh, and I love working the booty, mainly because I've never really had one!

Charlotte Brignone

Yoga | Yin | Pilates | Barre

I lived in Paris until was 21. After I finished my uni degree in archeology, I left to travel and experience the world. Eventually, I ended up in Australia. I started practicing yoga when I was traveling and fell in love with it. It made me feel so good and I wanted to share this magic with everyone. That's when I started to think that teaching yoga was the right path for me. I love sharing the teaching of yoga and there is nothing more rewarding than supporting students in their practice and through their life journeys.

Amanda O'Dempsey

Yoga | Yin | Pilates

I grew up in GC, and I am a true ocean lover, fun-spirited and creative soul. As a mother of two boys, I love living a life full of zest. I have delved deep into creating a life full of love, joy, and happiness. Yoga has been a big part of that journey! I have completed internationally recognized training as a yoga and mediation teacher. I am on a mission to share the many benefits that yoga brings. I love empowering others on their own path to happiness, health, and all good vibrations.

Nat Vertley-Amotawa

Yoga | Yin | Pilates| Barre

I was born in New Zealand but started my teaching journey right here on the Gold Coast, I fell in love with the practices and the positive effects they have had on my life. I am a passionate Yoga, Yin Yoga, Roll & Release, Meditation and Pilates teacher empowering others on their own path to happiness, health and all the positive good vibrations! You can find me teaching am energetic, fun filled, light hearted class with a twist of philosophy and lots of love!

Alice Dennehy

Pilates | Barre | Yoga | Yin

I feel in love instantly with yoga & Pilates, noticing the effects ripple out into my life. Creating transformation and physical and mental evolution. It's one thing to be strong on the outside, but to be strong on the inside is the real magic! My "me time" on the mat brings me back home. It allows me to connect to back to my body, back to my breath and back to the heart. I love how your practice will always be honest with you. It's a great place for reflection and to seek truth. It brings me such joy to share this passion with others. Its from my heart I share the gifts of these practices.

Annelise Drake

Pilates | Barre

As a dancer turned Pilates Instructor, I have a strong passion for Mat Pilates and Barre. My bubbly attitude and spicy combos, create a firecracker of a class. I love sharing my knowledge and breaking down each movement with uplifting corrections, focusing on alignment and posture. I love empowering everyone to be the best version of themselves.

Stephanie Boniface

Pilates | Barre | Yoga

I love teaching Pilates, Barre, and Yoga I studied Dietetics and Health and also Menstrual Cycle coaching. My motto is "Move to Nourish,", not to punish. I am passionate about helping you nurture a lifelong relationship with your incredible body and mind. Join me for an intelligently sequenced, challenging, and heartfelt class.

Hayley Davis

Pilates | Barre

Join me for dynamic and enjoyable Pilates and Barre classes. My classes involve a range of ballet techniques, booty barre movement and a workout for your entire body regardless of your fitness level there are options for everyone! One requirement is you enter my class with a smile and I will prompt you to keep it there! I love to have fun and as long as your moving your body and enjoying your workout that’s what matters most to me. See you in the studio